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Are Psychic Abilities Real?

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I have always loved the idea of a psychic. During times when life seems uncertain,the idea of someone that can give you guidance is very comforting. I have seen two or three psychics in the past but not one of them has ever been able to fully convince me. Perhaps I am expecting too much, but all I need is for one of them to mention a family member’s name or some specific detail that would leave me with no doubt as to their genuine abilities.Despite this, I still hold out hope and will definitely see another psychic in the future.

According to a recent scientific study, scientific credibility has been given for the first time two healers with psychic abilities. This includes the ability to see auras (clairvoyance) and the ability to feel another person’s feelings (clairsentience). Apparently, psychic abilities have been shown to be a form of synaesthesia. People with this neurological condition have a cross wiring in their brain. This could enable them for instance to “see “sounds, smells or to “hear” colours and perceptively pick up on other people’s feelings.

Synaesthesia is not as great as it sounds, as people have gone through trauma to get to the stage and it is seen as a disorder. apparently some people are born with synaesthesia whilst others become sinaesthetic after experiencing head trauma. So it would seem that some and not all psychic abilities and synaesthesia are one and same thing, and that some, not all, psychic development courses are creating a mild form of acquired synaesthesia.

The above is just one theory that exists relating to psychic ability.Scepticism abounds regarding psychics and whether they are real or whether they are fake.In some ways I suppose that the psychic offers similar comfort to a psychologist. Both seek to empower you with information. Both are able to point out patterns, tendencies and issues. They also can offer you insightful ways on how to deal with your issues in life.

For those that are pro-psychics,there are also those that are anti the whole concept. Former psychic hotline worker and author of Psychic Blues”, Mark Edward, believes that the psychic business is built on lies. He believes that it is impossible to see into the future. Edwards says he was taught techniques to keep his conversations are vague, flattering and drawnout. The goal was to make the call is feel good about themselves and keep on talking. Author, Ian Rowland, , who wrote “the full facts book of cold reading”, states that it is very easy to fake psychic skills.

For me the jury is out. Although I still would love to believe that people can see into the future and do have extra skills that many of us don’t. As yet I have not found anybody that has convinced me, but I remain open-minded. If you have any personal experiences or stories that you would like to relate, please leave a note in the comments section.

Mandy X

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