Self Image


Do you like yourself? Are you your number one fan? if not, why not? Seriously – you need to back yourself 100%. If you don’t do it..who will? It is your job and you are letting yourself down if you don’t support yourself and believe in yourself 100%.

Watch your internal dialogue. Do you criticise yourself? Don’t do it…no no no

Always talk to yourself as you would a best friend. You aren’t perfect and you can cut yourself a little slack. people are so hard on themselves and I find it very common that clients wince and get all embarrassed when I pay them a compliment. Really? Why do so many people find it difficult to like themselves?

When I ask clients to speak highly of themselves and try to like themselves more, they argue with me… “but that’s so arrogant” I hear them say. Wrong. Arrogance is thinking you are better than others. A positive self image means you like who you are and are happy in your own skin.

Believe me – it is the best and ONLY way to get through this life. You  are stuck with yourself so it pays to learn to like what you have. We all have bits about ourselves that we don;t like or wish we could change. Fair enough but don’t let it define you. Many highlight their bad bits and therefore feel there is nothing good to offer. How ridiculous. the more you like yourself the more others like you. You give off vibes and body language. make it positive and self accepting and others will treat you this way too.

Put yourself down and feel you aren’t good enough and you will attract that into your life. It’s a no-brainer. Look after yourself, make the most of yourself and learn to like yourself. Stick up affirmations around the house like: “I am great company”. “I am a good person”..whatever works for you…brain wash yourself, do whatever it takes to think positively about yourself.

Poor self image leads to less opportunities in life. It also leads to guilt (we don’t feel we deserve anything good), depression and anxiety.

Tips for a better self image:

Accept compliments, speak highly of yourself, never ever put yourself down – especially to others.

Treat yourself well – look after your body and health. Don;t allow others to treat you badly.

Accept yourself, warts and all. No one is perfect but you are perfect for you. Congratulate your body on all the good work it does – your little heart beats every day, your lungs take in air, your legs get you around, your brain allows you to communicate.

This may sound silly but your body works for you, day in day out – give a little bit of gratitude. Kiss yourself in the mirror each morning and say “I love you”  🙂


Mandy X