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Self isolation – week one corona virus

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I’ve been in self isolation with my boyfriend, Nick, for nearly two weeks now. It’s been pretty boring and I thought it might be useful to write about my experience as I know many others are going through the same thing.


I am pretty bored at home. Despite having things to do (I am writing a book), I am lacking the motivation despite having so much spare time. It seems the less I do, the less I want to do. I am sleeping more than usual and being a bit sedentary.


I have an underlying health condition and although I don’t have corona virus, the care for my condition (Cystic Fibrosis) is now non-existant. All appointments have been cancelled and phone appointments have been offered instead. I was due to go for a blood test as one of the drugs I am on has caused liver problems. This blood test has been cancelled and I have the added worry that my liver is being pickled by the drugs I am taking. There is no obvious way of telling without a blood test. No upcoming appointments have been made either so we have all been left in a limbo. I am hoping that I am able to stay well – I am more concerned about my Cystic Fibrosis worsening as there are no treatment options available. On top  of that, usually when I get a lung infection, I need to have intravenous drugs.

The last lot of IV drugs I had caused a blood clot in my left arm and that artery can no longer be used. Four years ago an IV line blocked the artery in my right arm so currently I have no access options should I get a chest infection. Again this has been put on hold and will only be addressed should I get a chest infection and need access. It’s all a bit worrying really…

The media

I keep watching the news even though I realise this is raising my alarm and paranoia. I am trying to watch other things now and reduce my news consumption as I don’t think it is helpful.

Keeping busy

I am staying with my boyfriend in a quaint village in Surrey. There are 5 swans in the village (three are cygnets) and I have become quite attached to a swan that we have named Solo. He/she has been chased away by it’s parents (normal apparently) but he/she has been left on it’s own and is chased away by the other two siblings. Poor little thing seems very lonely and as I have more time on my hands this has become a worry now!

Solo the swan








































Anyone know much about swans?

Self care

Now, more than ever, self care should be a priority plus we have the time to look after ourselves more. I have been promising myself that I will go on You Tube and find a begginers exercise routine. I am hoping to do some exercise after finishing this post. I HATE exercise but I need to do something to maintain my sanity and I know if I get fatter it will affect my mental health. I am quite self critical anyway so I need to try and balance the self care.

I have been putting moisturiser on my face- something I rarely do. I am pretty slack really when it comes to skin care and often don’t even remove my make up at night..tut tut

So, I am hoping to lose a bit of weight. My hair is looking dodgy and I have even had a go at chopping some layers in it myself as it is looking long and heavy and generally yuck…at least it’s clean though

I hope you are all managing at home. I have been thinking of buying a puzzle…can’t remember the last time I finished a puzzle. Would love to know what you are all doing to keep busy. I have been amazed at how many people are finding creative resourceful ways to keep themselves stimulated.

Updates to follow regularly.


Mandy X

PS. the main picture is the view from the lounge (where I am typing this now)





Mandy Kloppers
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