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Simple Steps To Introduce Big Lifestyle Changes That Will Improve Your Health

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Ever wanted to make large lifestyle changes to improve your health but had no idea where to start? Don’t worry–you’re not alone here. There are plenty of people in the world that would love to drastically change their lifestyle, be it by losing lots of weight, getting rid of annoying pains, or even just drastically boosting their health to overcome various physical and mental issues. We all have an ideal version of ourselves in our heads that we want to achieve, but many of us are clueless as to how to get there.


Well, not anymore! In this post, we’re going to share a few simple yet impactful tips that will give you a huge boost to your focus and motivation so you can reach your ideal self.

It all starts with understanding where you are now

We all have different goals in life. We know where we want to end up, and we have a vague idea of the journey that it’ll take to get there. But something that a lot of people neglect is where to actually start. A journey has both a start and end point, so it’s important to know exactly where you stand before you decide to embark on a journey to transform your life.


Start slowly with a health assessment or just a general understanding of how your health currently is. Weigh yourself or get an idea of your BMI if you want to lose weight. It’s an integral part of your journey to know where you start, and it also helps you keep track of your progress which can be used as a measurement of how far you’ve come.


Change one small thing at a time

Big changes require small steps. These minor changes that you make to your lifestyle will gradually improve over time, and you’ll eventually be in a position where those small steps have turned into giant leaps.


It’s a lot easier to make small changes to your lifestyle one thing at a time because it’s not as overwhelming, and it doesn’t take you out of your comfort zone. It’s far more realistic to change a few things at once than to make large sweeping transformations to improve your health and wellness. So don’t be discouraged if you feel like there’s a mountain ahead of you–take it easy with one step at a time.


Ask a friend to help you and hold you accountable

It’s a lot easier to make big changes to your lifestyle if you have people that are willing to hold you accountable when you mess up. For instance, if you neglect your physiotherapy or forget to go to the gym, then having a friend that can hold you accountable for being lazy and forgetting about your goals can help improve your mental and boost your motivation.


Everyone veers off course at some point, so it’s crucial to have someone that can help you get back on the right track.

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Mandy Kloppers
Author: Mandy Kloppers

Mandy is a qualified therapist who treats depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, trauma, and many other types of mental health issues. She provides online therapy around the world for those needing support and also provides relationship counselling.