Strategies to Stop Emotional Eating in 2019

Strategies to Stop Emotional Eating in 2019

If you are an emotional person, whenever someone has upset you at work, you have just had a run-in with another shopper who jumped the queue in the supermarket or a row with one of the family, it is likely you will grab something to eat as a consequence. This is called comfort eating and is caused by emotional upsets. It can be the worst time to eat something as we always tend to grab the things that are bad for us in the hope they will calm us down. They might for a short while, but the effects do not last long and there are other foods that would do a better job and other ways of calming your temper.

Identify The Problem

Anger or sadness, and other tough emotions, can trigger a binge of foods that are no good for you and the first thing you should do is identify the problem. A row or upset can easily trigger emotional eating but there can be other more deep-seated reasons for it as well.  Stress, depression and anxiety are all likely to have you searching the fridge for something nice to eat. When you get to the fridge door, ask yourself are you really hungry or are you eating because you are feeling low?

If the answer is that you are not hungry then walk away from the fridge, and if you really must have a snack for the sake of it make it something healthy such as fruit.

Change Bad Snacks For Good Snacks

Snacks that are high in sugar, fats and highly processed can make your body produce more of the stress hormone cortisol. That bag of chips you have just eaten could make you more depressed than you already were. If you really need something that is savoury, tuck into something such as salty popcorn instead. Anything whole grain will help to produce the feel-good hormone serotonin as well as give you antioxidants to help boost your immune system.

Sweets and processed foods can make symptoms of depression and anxiety worse, but a bowl of sweet fruits, which should be easy to access, will not have this adverse effect. is a great place to start with this as it has some great ideas for getting snacks that will help you feel better rather than making you feel low. Choose right and you could see a significant improvement in your health and wellbeing.

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Have A Cup Of Tea

Have you ever wondered why people have a cup of tea when they are in an emotional situation? It is because tea does help to calm the nerves, especially green tea, matcha tea and white tea. They all contain an amino acid called L-theanine that helps to reduce stress levels.

Prepare Your Portions

If you are prone to snacking when you are stressed, don’t just pick up a bag of sweets because you will eat them all. Prepare yourself some reasonably sized portions of fruits, nuts, popcorn or whatever else you want, and have it prepared in bags ready to grab when the time arises. This way, you will not overeat and at least you will know what you do consume is healthy.


Overcoming emotional eating is not easy and it will take some time and dedication, but you can do it!

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