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Summer Skin: 6 Makeup Essentials For A Fresh Glow

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Summertime makeup is all about glowy, fresh-looking skin that screams radiance and health. While the winter months call for full party glam, the summer is the time to let your natural beauty shine. We’ve put together a list of our makeup heroes that will guarantee great skin all summer long. Check them out below!


  1. Primer

A great face and eye primer should be the staple of any makeup bag. It will ensure that your skin has a sticky and strong base for your foundation to adhere to. The best makeup primer for you will depend on your skin type so if you have particularly oily, sensitive, or dry skin, it is best to do your research and figure out what would work best for you individually.


  1. Highlighter

The secret to glowy, illuminated skin that offers shimmer without shine is a good highlight. Avoid products that are overly glittery as you’re looking to attain a subtle glisten without full-on sparkle. Apply to the highest parts of your face that catch the light, ie your cheekbones, bridge, the tip of your nose, and your cupid’s bow. Bonus tip – add a dab of highlighter under your brows to make them appear more lifted, and in the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes look brighter and really make them pop.


  1. CC Cream

A heavy foundation will look very full-on in the summer months so a lightweight CC cream is your best option. Whilst they primarily act as a moisturizer, CC creams also offer a tint of color to help cover any imperfections. This means you’ll have flawless looking skin without thick makeup covering your face and allowing your skin to breathe in the heat.


  1. Clear Powder

To avoid looking cakey, opt for a clear pressed power or translucent setting powder to stop your shine without looking totally mattified. Try not to go overboard and add only to areas that get super shiny. You want to keep your skin looking dewy and fresh as opposed to dull and dehydrated.


  1. Cheek Stain

While blusher has its place in the world, a cheek tint is much better for summer. It will stop you from looking dry and dusty, whilst giving your skin a beautiful blush of color. A stain will also last longer, meaning it will survive far better on hot (and sweaty!) days in the sunshine. Look for a shade that will also suit your lips for a great multipurpose addition to your makeup bag that you can use all year round!


  1. Setting Spray

There is no point spending time doing your makeup if it just slides straight off at the first sign of heat. Use a good quality setting spray on your face after you’ve put the finishing touches to your makeup. It will seal in all of your artistry and help to avoid your makeup smudging, running, and melting.


Which of these items will you be adding to your makeup bag in time for summer? Let us know in the comments!

Mandy Kloppers
Author: Mandy Kloppers

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