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Alcohol Addiction, Who It Affects, and How


Alcohol addiction is the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages to the point that it interferes with physical, mental, and social health. About 7% of American adults suffer from an alcohol use disorder. Alcohol Addiction, Who It Affects, and How (Image Credit Pexels) The problem causes significant distress and interferes with work, school, and personal relationships. Sadly, it doesn’t only affect …

How To Beat Cross Addiction

If a person suffers from cross addiction, it means they display at least two or more addictive behaviors. These addictions are often alcohol and drugs, but can also include addictions to food, sex, gambling, and other compulsions.   Cross addiction happens when someone stops using or decreases the use of an addictive substance or behavior and starts using a new …


Get Your Alcoholism Under Control — Then Start Your Self-Discovery Process

Approximately 14 million Americans struggle with alcohol abuse problems. Being an alcoholic will not only wreck your relationships, it can also irreparably damage your body. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, now is the time to seek out help from substance abuse professionals. As most substance abuse professionals will tell you, self-discovery is a crucial component of treating an …

7 Things to Expect When You Join a Sober Living Home

After you’ve just completed a drug rehabilitation program, you’re probably feeling more than a little nervous about what comes next. Thoughts of rejoining the community can be exciting, but may also cause a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.     Sober living homes offer recovering addicts a solution. A sober living home, or SLH, is a great option for people who …


Loving an Alcoholic: How to Live With an Alcoholic

You may be one of those persons currently living with an alcoholic but do you really know how to live with an alcoholic? It is difficult to try and adjust yourself to accommodate someone you love who has an alcohol addiction. In the back of your mind, you may be thinking that you’re not the one to be blamed and …

alcohol medication

Is There Medication to Stop Drinking for Alcoholics?

America is a nation of alcohol lovers. A 2018 survey established that over 86 percent of people over the age of 18 have drunk alcohol at least once in their lifetime. Alcohol has an unparalleled way to ease your troubles. When you want to kick back and relax, a glass or two will do just fine. Of course, social or …

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Know Your Options: The Different Substance Abuse Treatment Plans

Being addicted to alcohol or drugs can ruin your life. Find out where you can get the required help and support here.