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3 Strategies to Use Exercise to Manage ADHD Symptoms


As a personal trainer, I work with clients with various goals. I’ve learned that people often exercise for much more than physical body changes. Even when they come to me to lose fat or build muscle, underneath that, they talk about how they want to improve their productivity or sleep better.   Among these, one of the most common desires …


How to Find the Right ADHD Strategies for Your Child

Many people do not realize just how common ADHD is among children. The truth is that more than 6 million children in the United States alone have ADHD. That is almost 10% of the entire population of children in the country! Of course, with so many people dealing with ADHD, it is no surprise that people have dedicated a lot …

university dropout

Lack of attention to students’ needs is fuelling university dropouts

Academic performance and programme satisfaction are the most important reasons why students drop out of higher education, new research conducted by a management member  of GBSB Global Business School reveals. Hind Naaman of the department of Education Management at GBSB Global researched the topic of higher education dropout and studied over 200 pupils at two Catalan-based public universities, and developed …


Sensory Integration or Processing Difficulties are Common: So Why Have Over a Third of the UK Population Never Heard of Them?

Over a third of UK adults have never heard of sensory integration or processing difficulties, (despite the neurological condition being prevalent in up to 16% of the general population), according to a new Ipsos MORI poll. The poll was commissioned by Sensory Integration Education to support the launch of its free conference today which aims to educate and raise awareness …

Natural Herbs To Increase Your Energy And Focus

Lifestyle includes the kind of habits you follow and the level of hygiene in your daily life. It determines your stamina, endurance, as well as energy levels. Prolonged unhealthy eating habits and poor lifestyles can predispose you to constant fatigue.

ADHD in children

7 Early Signs of ADHD in Children

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the more common neurodevelopmental conditions found in children, and getting an early diagnosis can help a child get access to support that will help them manage their symptoms and live a happy and fulfilling life.    Signs of ADHD in children usually appear before the age of 7, and they tend to …

attention deficit disorder

Everything You Want to Know About Neurofeedback for ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common mental health disorder found in children and adults alike. Individuals who are suffering from ADHD show signs of above-normal hyperactivity and impulsive behavior which, in turn, makes it challenging for them to focus as they have limited attention spans. In many cases, it also makes it difficult for them to remain still …


What Are Nootropics? The Ultimate Guide

ADHD diagnoses have increased by over 42% in the past 8 years. The average age of a diagnosis is 7 years old. Whether you’re suffering from Alzheimer’s, ADHD, or another condition, you might be curious about nootropics. While these conditions can be overwhelming, there’s hope. This article will answer the question, what are nootropics? Read on to explore what they …

sleep deprivation

8 Long-Term Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Mental Health

A good night’s sleep can leave a human being feeling fresh and productive. Still, when one does not get sleep and suffers from insomnia and breaks sleep patterns where they keep on waking up again and again through the night, many different changes can be observed in that particular individual. There is awareness regarding the physical changes observed in the …

aggressive children

Conduct Disorder

Conduct Disorder Conduct disorder is a serious behavioural and emotional disorder that can occur in children and teens. A child with this disorder may display a pattern of disruptive/violent behaviour and have difficulty following rules. It is more common in boys than in girls and most often occurs in late childhood or the early teen years. It is not uncommon …