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How Working Out Can Help You Get Through Your Anxiety

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Everyone experiences anxiety—some more serious than others, but it is still there. Things like meeting new people and crowds are all things that can trigger it for me. I know many other people who have trouble coping with the same things. But instead of dealing with these issues or ignoring them until they go away, I’ve learned the best way …


Life and Family Top The List of What the Nation is Most Grateful For

Greeting card marketplace, thortful, surveyed the British public to see what they were most grateful for After almost a year-and-a-half of living with a pandemic, people are most grateful for being alive Over 10.6 million posts on social media showcased gratitude towards the NHS With Covid-19 sharply focussing the nations minds on just how important things are, searches for ‘how …

traumatic media

Safeguarding yourself and others from traumatic media

The past seventeen months have been, in many ways more filled with trauma and distress than most years many of us will have ever experienced. From the constant media influx of recorded deaths due to Covid-19, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests after the murder of George Floyd on 25th of May last year, the kidnap, rape and murder of …