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The Impact of Sleep On Your Mental Health

sleep and mental health

When you aren’t getting enough sleep, everything becomes a challenge. Tasks that would normally be easy suddenly seem impossible. You’re bumping into doors and tripping …

gardening for depression
emotional wellbeing inspiration

How gardening can help beat depression

Nearly a fifth of adults in the UK experience depression or anxiety. That is according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which states that …


How Pests in Your Home Can Affect Your Health

We all know that pests are a nuisance and can end up damaging our property and costing us hundreds of pounds – but did you …

fight depression
emotional wellbeing life mental health

4 Ways to Fight Depression by Treating Your Body Well

When people hear the term depression, they automatically assume that it’s the same as being sad. While sadness is definitely a huge part of being …

emotional wellbeing life mental health

Common depression symptoms

  Common depression symptoms 1) Social Withdrawal Social withdrawal is a common depression symptom whereby a person isolates themselves from friends and family. Withdrawing socially …