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Cosmetic surgery pros and cons

Martina Big

Extreme cosmetic surgery is often a sign of underlying mental illness. When the cosmetic surgery is so extreme that body proportions are unnatural or where a person’s health might be at risk, cosmetic surgery is really just a mainfestation of a distorted self image (excluding gender transformation). Distorted self image often indicates distorted and dysfunctional thinking. This should be assessed …

zoom dysphoria

5 Signs You’re Experiencing Zoom Dysmorphia – and How to Unplug

Loving yourself and the way you look isn’t always easy — in fact, nobody can do it all of the time. Having some difficulties with your body image is part of being human, and it can come in a variety of forms. One thing that plenty of people have begun to experience since the beginning of the pandemic is the …

cosmetic surgery

How cosmetic surgery affects mental health

While plastic surgery initially started as a restorative procedure for patients who were either involved in an accident or burn victims, this has changed over the year. Currently, many plastic surgeons mostly do cosmetic procedures. As years go by, the number of people willing to go under the knife and get transformed has increased rapidly. The question many ask is …