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Rates of Crohn’s and Colitis have been vastly underestimated for decades


New data released today shows over half a million people are living with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis in the UK, including 1 in 67 people in their 70s. Largest study of its kind worldwide shows rates are far higher than previously thought. Research shows the UK is second only to the US in prevalence of the conditions and the …

life milestones

8 Life Milestones When People Can Benefit from Talking Therapy

Talking therapy has tremendous benefits for people experiencing many milestones in life. However, many believe that some fundamental life milestones don’t warrant the help of talking therapy. In fact, they may even think that what they’re going through is ‘normal’ and not a valid enough reason to seek a therapist’s help.   Below is a list of moments when people …