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Lockdown survival kit

mental resilience

IMAGINE a way to improve your life and your mental health day by day. This is what this post is about. Since Covid-19 emerged, we …


The Indecisiveness of OCD

You arrive at the restaurant, you sit down to look at the menu only to realise there’s more than one option. Time to panic, because …


6 Tips In Dealing With Pain – Emotional Or Physical

A common mistake of those who are suffering from physical and emotional pain is that they immediately assume the two are not connected when, in …

sad woman

The cause of anxiety

    The cause of anxiety In cognitive behavioural therapy, we refer to the anxiety equation. The anxiety equation shows the cause of anxiety: Overestimation …


Counseling is not a cure

Counseling is not a cure. It alleviates destructive behavioral patterns and helps you think differently but it won’t cure or completely eradicate your issues. Think …

manage anxiety

Manage anxiety with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

You can manage anxiety with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Anxiety is a part of life and even a useful addition but too much anxiety can destabilise …

terrified of getting ill

I’m terrified of getting ill

Health anxiety has increased since Covid-19 emerged. Find out ways to effectively reduce your health anxiety if you are terrified of getting ill

mental health

Do I need therapy?

Do I need therapy? This is a question many people ask themselves during difficult times in their lives. When we begin to question our sanity …


5 Benefits of Online Counseling for Mental Health

Nearly 44 million people in the United States, older than 18, suffer from a mental disorder each year. Anxiety and depression are two of the …

The psychology behind hoarding

Hoarding is a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Individuals feel the need to hoard things as a means of staying safe. It’s normal to have some …

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