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How Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can improve your mental health

cognitive behavioural therapy

Learn more about hoe Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can improve your mental health

working for you

How is that working for you??

  Helpful thinking I attended a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) workshop led by Steve Hollon at Surrey University a while ago. He was inspirational and …


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) involves obsessions (thoughts) and compulsions (behaviour).It is a severely debilitating disorder that can interfere with daily living and cause problems with …

Give Depression the Bird

Help break the stigma surrounding depression by taking this anonymous survey: CLICK HERE For results of the survey: CLICK HERE Give Depression the Bird Let’s …

common problems

Common Problems that lead to counselling

There are many common problems that lead to counselling, and the reasons are as varied as the many predicaments and life circumstances that exist for …

success achievement

Super self confidence

    5 Tips for Super self confidence I am in a very fortunate position in that I meet a lot of clients from different …


6 Tips In Dealing With Pain – Emotional Or Physical

A common mistake of those who are suffering from physical and emotional pain is that they immediately assume the two are not connected when, in …

sad woman

The cause of anxiety

    The cause of anxiety In cognitive behavioural therapy, we refer to the anxiety equation. The anxiety equation shows the cause of anxiety: Overestimation …


This one thing stifles your happiness

You may not believe it but there is only one thing stifles your happiness. This one thing has the power to create heaven or hell …


Counseling is not a cure

Counseling is not a cure. It alleviates destructive behavioral patterns and helps you think differently but it won’t cure or completely eradicate your issues. Think …

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