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Top aphrodisiac perfumes for men to wear, revealed ​

Photo by Jan de Keijzer on Unsplash Although scent is subjective, there is science behind which scents trigger arousal in both men and women. Interested …

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Feeling Beautiful At Any Size

There is no key definition to what beauty is, as much as some parts of society and some people might make it seem so. We …

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Visit the Kindfest

KindFest is a flagship annual event that takes place online on World Kindness Day. KindFest 2021 is on Saturday 13th November. “Anyone can join #TeamKind… …

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10 Tip to increase your resilience

There are many ways to increase your resilience. This is good news because we can all do with inner resources to get through times when …

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Carrying the Burden: How a Lack of Mental Health Diagnosis is Affecting Young Men

To say we’re in the midst of a mental health crisis is not an exaggeration. Mental health concerns have been increasing for years and have …

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5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Birthdays at Home

  Think of your ideal birthday party, and the immediate thoughts may consist of a delicious cake, unbridled laughter, and the company of loved ones. …

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Feel Empowered: How to Feel Safer Walking at Night

Walking alone at night can often feel unsafe, especially if you live in the city. Some people try to avoid going outside when it gets …

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9 Mindfulness Exercises To Help You Manage COVID Stress

Mindfulness exercises are the gold standard for managing COVID stress for a reason. From the pandemic that brought you the terms “social distancing” and “Zoom …

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Seven Simple Steps to Build Your Best Blog with WordPress

New year, new blog? Sharing your writing online for all to see can be a daunting prospect at the best of times. Even for the …

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The Secrets of Confident People

  There are many ways to improve confidence. Here are a few of the secrets of confident people: 1) Confident people rarely compare themselves unfavourably …