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What mentally strong people don’t do

This is a really good talk by Amy Morin on what mentally strong people don’t do. She has also written 3 books on the subject: What mentally strong people don’t do What mentally strong parents don’t do What mentally strong women don’t do…..Mandy X

Tips for tough times

  “You can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on within you.” ~Zig Ziglar Tips for tough times Tough times pass – keep perspective Don’t panic – keep calm. Sometimes life circumstances can seem overwhelming and a desperation sets in. Sit quietly, breathe deeply and remember that one thing in life is guaranteed and …

What’s your method of coping?

  What’s your method of coping?   We start learning ways to cope with stress from an early age. People may assume that children don’t have much to be stressed about and this certainly isn’t the case. Children have very little autonomy. They have to do as they are told and have very little say in what happens in their …

routes to unhappiness

When Life is Tough

  No one escapes the hardships of life. It is often the wise, kind, selfless and well rounded people who have known misery, despair and have faced challenges in their life. When life is tough you have two choices-you can sink or swim. Sinking does not bear thinking about so here are tips on how to face the tough times: 1. …