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How to make good decisions

self awareness

  The Johari Window model is a simple and useful tool for illustrating and improving self-awareness, and mutual understanding between individuals within a group. A four paned “window,” divides personal awareness into four quadrants: open, hidden, blind, and unknown. The lines dividing the four panes are like window shades, which can move as an interaction progresses. According to emotional intelligence theory, individuals …


The importance of emotional intelligence

    The Importance of emotional intelligence Being able to read others, express empathy and tune in to how other’s are feeling leads to a more successful life than someone who is academically gifted. As Aristotle once said: ‘Anyone can become angry – that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the …

emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence   “All learning has an emotional base.”– Plato “We are dangerous when we are not conscious of our responsibility for how we behave, think, and feel.” -— Marshall B. Rosenberg What exactly is emotional intelligence? Do you even know what your level of emotional intelligence is? Emotional intelligence can be defined as a person’s ability to identify their own emotions …