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Meditation: 12 Benefits Backed By Science


Meditation is all the raves these days. Whether it’s to seek enlightenment, improve one’s mental health, or just something to do to fight any boredom, …

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How to fight the inertia of depression

    The inertia of depression When the safety of bed trumps the ideas in your head of what life holds for you outside the …

emotional wellbeing mental health

Common reasons for unhappiness

Evolutionary Psychologists say that our default mode is to be on the lookout for danger. As cave men running around many years ago, we had …

feel depressed
Cognitive behavioural therapy emotional wellbeing inspiration mental health

What to do when you feel depressed

When you feel depressed it feels like nothing is going right. I’ve experienced depression in the past and I know the warning signs. Self-criticism increases …

stop negative mindset
Cognitive behavioural therapy emotional wellbeing Human Behaviour mental health

How to snap out of a negative mindset

Find out ways to snap out of a negative mindset in this blog post.

Cognitive behavioural therapy emotional wellbeing mental health

Feeling depressed? Try Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

If you are feeling depressed, one way to help yourself is to seek out a counsellor or psychotherapist who is qualified in offerng Cognitive Behavioural …


Does Smiling Help with Depression?

You may already know it, but smiling is an excellent way to induce happiness. A smile is not only welcoming to others, but it can …

mood management
emotional wellbeing inspiration mental health self improvement

Tips for mood management

Moods fluctuate and sometimes we may wish we could be more in control of our emotions. I have put together some great tips to help …

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Why am I depressed?

When we feel down and ask ourselves, “Why am I depressed?”, there unfortunately isn’t always a clear answer. Depression is different to sadness. When we …

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The best ways to fight depression

Depression isn’t the same as feeling sad or unhappy. It’s more akin to living in a dark black hole where there is no light and …