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“There’s an App for that”: Health Tech Can Close Health Disparities

health tech

Technology is becoming more pervasive, becoming increasingly integrated into our lives as the days pass—including the way healthcare is delivered.   Health tech is revolutionising healthcare and has the potential to reduce healthcare costs, increase access, and improve outcomes. Cloud-based capabilities, data, and remote monitoring can energise clinical care while improving patients’ quality of life and generate economic value.   …

online therapy

16 Million Reasons Why Health Tech is a Win for Mental Health

The UK government has pledged an ambitious programme of revolutionising mental health over the next three years, seeing all mental health service providers becoming digitised and fully integrated with other health and care services by 2024. The scale of a mental health epidemic is real — with the UK’s population of 67 million, one in four people will experience a …

intrusive thoughts

Common intrusive thoughts

We all experience intrusive thoughts. I have worried about suddenly shouting in a lift full of people (thankfully I never have) or doing some other sort of silly behaviour that would generally be frowned upon. This is very common. I thought you might find it interesting to read about common intrusive thoughts that we all have: The table below shows …