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Guide to Keeping a Strong Family Bond After Divorce


Divorce is rarely an easy process for families. The ending of a marriage can take a toll on everyone and it can be difficult for …

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Common Relationship Issues and How they Negatively Affect your Marriage

When you first met your spouse, you were over the moon for them. Seeing each other gave you butterflies and you couldn’t wait for the …

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How to Protect Your Kids During a Family Separation

According to the UK family law website, 56% of separated families go to great lengths to protect their children by sticking to child maintenance agreements. …

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How to Keep the Divorce Process Peaceful

“Peaceful” isn’t a word that most people would associate with a divorce. Even if the marriage ended relatively amicably, there tends to still be some …

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How to cope with a marriage breakdown

A marriage breakdown is a life-altering event. Your existing path and future are interrupted and the future suddenly seems uncertain. It can rock a person’s …

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The end of a relationship

The end of a relationship can be one of the hardest things to go through. In a way, it is like a bereavement-a loss that …

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How to get over a breakup fast

  Breakups suck, pure and simple. That gut wrenching sick feeling…the world can feel like it’s at an end and you may wonder if you …

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8 Life Milestones When People Can Benefit from Talking Therapy

Talking therapy has tremendous benefits for people experiencing many milestones in life. However, many believe that some fundamental life milestones don’t warrant the help of …

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Loveless Marriage

Compatibility Questionnaire Download: Discover how well suited you are… [purchase_link id=”36550″ style=”button” color=”” text=”[purchase_link id=”36550″ text=”Buy now” style=”button” color=”orange”] Loveless Marriage What do you do …

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What heartbreak does to your brain?

Did you know that brains monitored during heartbreak show the same patterns as someone experiencing physical pain? The same part of the brain  processes rejection, …