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Hounds of love: How dogs can help you deal with anxiety

dog therapy

Panic attacks and anxiety disorders are running rampant nowadays. It seems every other person deals with some sort of anxiety issue. There are many ways people tried to get this under control – therapy, lifestyle changes, and medication. And of course, to each his own – some of these techniques might work better than others. However, sometimes a dog can …

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Dogs are great for mental health

There are many stories of how dogs are great for mental health. In fact many animals can be excellent for mental health. Spending time with animals releases oxytocin – a feel good hormone. I have become allergic to my Yorkshire Terrier and miss him so much. I still get to see him but he has to stay away for quite …

four footed healers

Four-Footed Healers Support the Team

Isolation is a natural reaction to depression and grief. If you’re in the depths of depression, it can be hard to pick up the phone and call a friend. If you’ve lost of a loved one, lost your good health, or lost a relationship, you may pull inward and grieve alone. But just because isolation is natural doesn’t mean it’s …