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Unlocking Your Potential: Mental and Physical Exercise Essentials


The economy is reopening. Workers are returning to the office after a year of remote working and furlough, reigniting our normal schedules and getting careers …

Thoughts on Happiness

More on Neurotransmitters The feeling of happiness is a chemical reaction in the brain.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (chemicals that pass along signals from one …


What heartbreak does to your brain?

Did you know that brains monitored during heartbreak show the same patterns as someone experiencing physical pain? The same part of the brain  processes rejection, …


The psychological benefits of swearing

Believe it or not, the psychological benefits of swearing are numerous. Because of the taboo surrounding swearing, you get the added bonus of feeling that …

retail therapy

Why Retail Therapy Works

Do you know that going shopping to make you feel better is actually a real thing? That’s why it’s called ‘retail therapy’; it is actually …


The danger of shame

Shame is a very negative emotion. The danger of shame is that it can be such a severe emotion it can lead to mental illness, …

Depression, Anxiety, Happiness and Love

  Depression, Anxiety, Happiness and Love How hormones influence our emotions Mandy X

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