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8 Common Dreams and Their Inner Meanings


Dreams are one of the most mysterious factors experienced by a human. Because of this mystery, people are generally curious to know if there are any hidden meanings or messages behind their dreams. This leads to plenty of online and offline debates concerning the meanings of dreams. When people discuss these dreams with others, they often find that some subjects …

your body as a house

Think of your body as a house for emotional well-being

This is an effective visualisation technique to improve emotional well-being, that helps you consider what you are focusing on and what you are holding onto that you should let go of. Imagine that your mind is like a house. It has a large front door and as you walk in you can see various rooms going off to the left …

stay sane

How to stay sane during the pandemic

  It’s been a trying year and we could all do with some respite. For me, it has felt as if the days have been interminable and boredom has been my constant companion. That doesn’t mean to say I have not been busy. In fact, I have had more clients than ever. The Covid pandemic has created a lot of …

Forms of Escapism

  Forms of Escapism Negative modes of escapism Life is getting more challenging. Technology has enabled 24/7 lifestyles where we are always on call. Stress levels are rising and so are depression and anxiety. As a result, there is a greater need than ever for people to find ways to escape in order maintain mental and emotional stability. Society frowns …

Positive affirmations to live by

    Mandy X

single people

Are single people happy because they are free? 

If you’re single, how do you feel about it? Perhaps you always have a sense you’re missing out on something, especially when you see friends in relationships doing ‘couple’ things, whether that’s going on holiday or enjoying a night out. On the other hand, you might regard a relatively solitary existence as something to be treasured. What could be better than …


You are the captain

You are the Captain   As I sail the seas of life, I can’t always see with my eyes where I am are going. So I use my feelings and my mind. I imagine the best possible destination and I envision it vividly. The image surges through my brain and courses through my veins – it is my lifeblood.   …