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How to identify a narcissist quickly

identify a narcissist

Before I continue with ways to identify a narcissist quickly, I want to explain that there are always exceptions to the rule. Life is made …

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Abusive Relationships – The Warning Signs

Are you in an abusive relationship? It seems there are so many people in abusive relationships. They know that something is amiss but cannot figure …

emotional abuse at work
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Emotional abuse at work is more significant than we think, and even harder to escape

While society has become more aware of psychological abuse in intimate or family relationships, psychological abuse in the workplace is more common and complex than …

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Signs that you are an emotional punching bag

No one likes to think of themselves as an emotional punching bag. Sadly, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, there …

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The best way to deal with a narcissist

Being around a narcissist is a real challenge. They do not think like a neurotypical individual and their mental ‘filter’ is definitely dysfunctional. Many clients …

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Examples of manipulative behaviour

Examples of manipulative behaviour We are all unique and as such, our behaviour will be diverse as well. When it comes to manipulative behaviour there …

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Emotional Punching Bag

  Are you an emotional punching bag? By this I mean, are you in a relationship with someone who directs their frustration and anger your …

abusive relationship

Abusive relationships and depression

Abusive relationships tend to cause depression and/or anxiety. Some victims of abuse remain traumatised for years after leaving an abusive relationship and many suffer from …

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Why your body never forgets trauma

Your body never forgets trauma because it imprints upon your nervous system and leaves a lasting impression  – almost like a permanent ‘dent’ in your …

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What Is Malignant Narcissism?

Malignant narcissists are by far the most damaging. Not only are they incredibly selfish and self-serving, as in: “What’s in it for me?”,  they also …