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How Can You Divorce Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder?


Divorce is challenging for nearly any couple. However, divorcing someone who has borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be even more difficult. BPD is a mental …

borderline personality disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder and DBT

  Maddi Crease describes DBT and explains how it has helped her more than other therapies. As a young woman who’s been in the mental …

emotionally unstable personality disorder

Symptoms of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder

I recently had a client who created a huge amount of turmoil for me. I couldn’t put my finger on what was going on with …

dialectical behavioural therapy

What is Dialectical Behavioural Therapy?

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) was designed primarly for people with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorderand focuses on helping someone tolerate the uncomfortable feeling of distress. It …

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