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7 Mental Health Benefits of Treadmill Running

Treadmill running provides several benefits like improving the health of your lungs and hearts and keeping users muscular and slim. In addition, various studies have demonstrated that exercising on a machine offers many practical running benefits for brain and mental health. Specifically, running triggers the body to release mood-enhancing chemicals like serotonin and endorphins in your brain. Therefore, training on …

6 Ways Physical Exercise can Improve Your Mental Health

The main reason many people hit the gym is to keep fit and build lean muscle. Indeed, exercise is a proven tool that can make this happen and reward users with improved physical health. Hardly will you ever see someone go to the gym to improve their mental health. However, the benefits of exercise are more than losing fat and …


Does Skiing Really Boost Your Happiness and Well-Being?

After the past year, the need to boost well-being has never been higher. According to a YouGov poll, negative emotions hit a peak in 2020, with: 27% of people, on average, feeling sad 39% of people, on average, feeling frustrated 40% of people, on average, feeling stressed. With restrictions on our social lives and activities, it’s no wonder our mental …


Physical Activity and how it Affects Self-Esteem

Having an active lifestyle brings many benefits. These include increased fitness, stamina, health, and also self-esteem. Studies have shown there is a direct link between physical activity and self-esteem but how does being active affect this area?   Wishing to be physically active doesn’t have to mean taking part in Ironman contests or running marathons. It can mean taking some …

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Exercise is excellent for your mental health

Here is a fantastic video from Lucy Wyndham-Read on reducing tummy fat. She does many more videos and they are easy to follow and can fit in around your existing schedule… This is a great resource and I wanted to share..   Mandy X

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New to Exercise? Here’s How to Stay Safe

With more of us being forced to spend the majority of our time indoors, you might be thinking about starting an exercise regime for the first time. It’s a good way to stay fit and protect your mental health when you’re indoors, as well as being good, obviously, for your physical health too.   However, when you’re new to exercising, …

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Let’s Get Physical: 4 Ways Mental Health Impacts Your Body

Previously, much wasn’t known about the connection between the mind and body. Today, the average person is well aware that poor mental health has implications on physical wellbeing too. However, you might not understand the extent to which your brain affects your body as a whole. And, until you do, you will never be able to find the perfect balance …