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How To Improve Your Confidence On Camera

Many people are intimidated by the prospect of being on camera. After all, it’s natural to feel nervous as you work to strengthen your acting …

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One of the biggest mistakes people make

One of the biggest mistakes people make is meant to make life less stressful. The irony is that the more we make this mistake, the …

faith over fear
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Let your faith be bigger than your fear

Fear stops us from doing many things in life-it might stop us from asking someone out because we fear the rejection. Fear might stop us …

feel empowered
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Feel Empowered: How to Feel Safer Walking at Night

Walking alone at night can often feel unsafe, especially if you live in the city. Some people try to avoid going outside when it gets …

car accident
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How Car Accidents Can Affect Your Mental Health

When people talk about getting into a car accident, the damages addressed are often physical. More often than not, no one will talk about the …

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Choosing A Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Notable Factors In Your Choice Of Cosmetic Professionals: Not all cosmetic professionals are the same when it comes to plastic surgery. Especially for operations like …

ease anxiety
mental health

Three Ways to Help a Person with Anxiety

In this article, Brain Wellness Spa Anxiety Clinic shares some tips on how you can help a person with anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder does not …

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The illusion of control

Control is a myth We all want to be in charge of our lives and feel safe. We like to feel we are in charge …

self limiting beliefs
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Stop Self-Limiting Beliefs

We all have self-limiting beliefs. Some of which we will not even realize that we believe to be ‘indisputable fact’. Some of our beliefs about …

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The cause of anxiety

    The cause of anxiety In cognitive behavioural therapy, we refer to the anxiety equation. The anxiety equation shows the cause of anxiety: Overestimation …