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Grounding Techniques

grounding techniques

Grounding techniques work really well in the moment if you are feeling overwhelmed or feel you are having a panic attack. Slow breathing tells the brain that we aren’t in danger because we would be breathing fast if that was …


Techniques to defeat stress

Infographic by Custom-Writing.Org     Infographic by Custom-Writing.Org


5 Simple ways to manage your stress

Life is stressful, we can’t escape that fact, but making use of a few simple stress management techniques to relieve some of the pent-up tension will go a long way in improving your mental and physical wellbeing.    1.Maintain a Healthy …

Healing Your Anxiety: Effects & Defects Of Top 3 Popular Methods

Have you ever felt that your heart is beating so fast in response to a stressful situation? Or maybe, your palms may get sweaty when you’re confronted with a remarkable event or task? That’s how anxiety kicks in as a …

Helpful strategies for anxiety

Anxiety is a part of life and we can all use helpful strategies for anxiety to help us alleviate stress. Below are four helpful ways react to anxiety. Accept anxiety as a part of life You can’t make anxiety go …