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Grounding Techniques

grounding techniques

Grounding techniques work really well in the moment if you are feeling overwhelmed or feel you are having a panic attack. Slow breathing tells the brain that we aren’t in danger because we would be breathing fast if that was the case. Slow breathing causes the nervous system to turn off the ‘alarm’. After a trauma, it’s normal to experience …


Techniques to defeat stress

Infographic by Custom-Writing.Org     Infographic by Custom-Writing.Org


5 Simple ways to manage your stress

Life is stressful, we can’t escape that fact, but making use of a few simple stress management techniques to relieve some of the pent-up tension will go a long way in improving your mental and physical wellbeing.    1.Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle  We all know that poor lifestyle choices can negatively affect our health but it’s also one of the first things …

Healing Your Anxiety: Effects & Defects Of Top 3 Popular Methods

Have you ever felt that your heart is beating so fast in response to a stressful situation? Or maybe, your palms may get sweaty when you’re confronted with a remarkable event or task? That’s how anxiety kicks in as a response to our body’s natural response to stress.   If you have not recognized your anxiety triggers yet, here are …

Helpful strategies for anxiety

Anxiety is a part of life and we can all use helpful strategies for anxiety to help us alleviate stress. Below are four helpful ways react to anxiety. Accept anxiety as a part of life You can’t make anxiety go away just because you want it to. Fear and anxiety are wired in responses of your brain and body that …