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5 Most Important Steps to Buying a House

buying house

A life-goal for a lot of people is to buy a home. It can be amazing to own your own space and be able to …

disabilities you should know

Four Types of Disabilities You Should Know About

  What’s the difference between a learning disability and a developmental disability? How can you tell the two apart? If you want to learn more …

mothers day

Beautiful blooms: thortful release new flower range for Mother’s Day

Want to show your mum some love this Mother’s Day? What better way than with flowers! Thortful have launched their new range of flowers ahead …

better mental health

Wellness 101: Simple Tools for Better Mental Health

Often people neglect their mental health. However, it is far more critical and impacts many other areas of life that we might not realize. However, …


How This Pandemic Presented a Chance to Appreciate Things We Took for Granted

There is no denying that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taken plenty from us. It has disrupted our lives, our everyday routine, our plans, and …

tactless people

How to deal with tactless people

Dealing with tactless people takes a little insight into their behaviour. Instead of personalising their tactless remarks or behaviour, see it as an issue with …

kindfest 2020


#WorldKindnessDay: Friday 13 November 2020, 14hr-19hr GMT Join the Kindness Revolution …. Hosted by Teamkind #Kindfest2020 brings together some of the world’s leading thinkers with …


50 Psychological love facts

The three pillars of love are intimacy, caring, and attachment. Perfect love is a combination of passion, commitment, and intimacy based on the triangular theory …

foster hope

7 Ways To Help You, Foster Hope, In Your Daily Life

With all the negativity going around in the world, many lose hope every day, and if you ask me, it is heartbreaking. Everyone has different …

beluga whale

Love nature love animals

This is so lovely to watch 🙂 xx   Photo by Saanvi Vavilala on Unsplash

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