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Avoiding the blame game

Avoiding the blame game is a skill that can be learned. When we blame someone else for what is going on in our lives, we …

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Thoughts on Happiness

More on Neurotransmitters The feeling of happiness is a chemical reaction in the brain.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (chemicals that pass along signals from one …

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Nourish partners with Locum’s Nest to provide free mental health support to parent critical workers

Critical workers and parents are typically identified as groups who have been the hardest impacted in terms of mental health by the Covid-19 pandemic. Parents …

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Eight Things you need to stop doing now for a happier life

          1) Stop the Guilt   Guilt emerges from expectations not met. We place pressure on ourselves to be great at …

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5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Birthdays at Home

  Think of your ideal birthday party, and the immediate thoughts may consist of a delicious cake, unbridled laughter, and the company of loved ones. …

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Neurodiversity Celebration Week Events!

MMI news: Mind Matters celebrates different ways of thinking with Neurodiversity Celebration Week events!   The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Mind Matters Initiative …

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Beautiful blooms: thortful release new flower range for Mother’s Day

Want to show your mum some love this Mother’s Day? What better way than with flowers! Thortful have launched their new range of flowers ahead …

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Simple ways to move forward in your life

Do you ever feel stuck? Like a rat in maze hitting your head on the same damn wall? If you ever feel like this, join …

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How Car Accidents Can Affect Your Mental Health

When people talk about getting into a car accident, the damages addressed are often physical. More often than not, no one will talk about the …

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Being A Mom Requires Preparation, Here Are A Few Things To Consider

A New Adventure. Did you know nothing and no one can prepare you to be a parent? It’s like skydiving. Sure, you can read about …