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10 Ways To Reignite The Spark In Your Relationship

first dates

Are you and your partner feeling a little bit like strangers lately? If the spark seems to have faded, don’t worry – there are plenty of things you can do to rekindle the flame. Here are 10 ways to bring back the passion in your relationship. Talk to each other. If you’re not communicating well, it’s tough to feel connected …


Dropping Hints To Your Partner That You’re Ready For Engagement

If you are ready for your partner to ask you the big question, then you might want to let them know. Some people like to leave it up to their partner and just wait to see how long it takes them to do it, whereas others like to let them know they are ready by dropping hints. If you are …

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5 Things confident people do in relationships

  Confident people see the world differently from insecure individuals. They are less hyper-vigilant or worried about something going wrong and more often than not, enjoy secure attachments with others. Practising confidence makes all the difference in how successful your relationships will be as no one enjoys a needy or clingy partner. Below are ways that confident people manage their …


How To Take Your Relationship To A Whole New Level

Falling in love can be a whirlwind experience that totally sweeps you off your feet, and when you find the right person, you’ll likely want to take things to the next level. But how can you show your partner that you’re ready to commit to a successful long term relationship? Read on to find out!  Moving In Together    One …

good love

What ‘good love’ looks like

What makes good love? Find out what the characteristics of a happy relationship are

relationship in pandemic

3 Tips for a Happy Relationship in a Pandemic

  Relationships are complicated at the best of times. For two people to intertwine their lives intimately takes a great deal of patience, sacrifice, and hardship. There will be arguments and misunderstandings along the way, and only the strongest couples manage to stay happy and make it last.   But living in the middle of a pandemic makes everything a …


Looking After Your Relationships

The relationships that you have throughout your life might be some of the most important things to you, and they deserve looking after. Relationships that make up a lot of who you are, what you do, and how you live daily. A relationship spans across your children, spouses, bosses, co-workers, business partners, and more.  These are all relationships that we …

manage depression relationship

7 Ways to Manage Depression While Co-Isolating with Your Partner

Self-isolation can naturally present some difficulties, but if you’re stuck isolating with your partner and also suffer from depression, you might find yourself entering a pretty deep funk. Individuals with depression may find that when their daily schedules get altered it can be hard for them to get back on track and find the motivation to take on each new …

long distance relationship

Keeping the Spark Alive in a Long-Distance Relationship

You never know when or where you’ll fall in love. It can happen at the most unexpected times in the most unexpected places. Sometimes, that means that you’ll fall in love with someone, and the circumstances, such as the distance, won’t be ideal. Long-distance relationships can be hard, but they also can be beautiful. Follow this long-distance relationship advice to keep the magic …


How to cope with middle aged loneliness

Middle aged loneliness doesn’t have to be scary or unhappy. In fact it can be a surge in self discovery. Don’t give up hope We tend to catastrophise when we are feeling stressed. We think about the worst case scenario and this makes us feel even worse. Stop thinking that you will end up alone forever or that you will …