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How to manage anxiety easily

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Research into anxiety has found there are specific maintaining factors involved, we can use this when we begin thinking about how to treat anxiety and learn how to break the cycle. Anxiety symptoms: Chronic worries running through their mind – no matter how hard you try not to worry or not think about things these thoughts keep popping into the …


How to stop worrying

Worry is a part of life. We are wired to look out for threat and worry often fills our mind. What if I lose my job? What if I never find love? No one likes uncertainty and many of us believe that the antidote to uncertsinty is to worry. This, of course, is nonsense. Research has proven that worry isn’t …


Real versus hypothetical worry

Anxiety comes from worrying about things and focusing on what could go wrong. There is a big difference however between the types of worry that we engage in. This post is about real versus hypothetical worry. Real worry needs to be actioned and hypothetical worry needs to be ignored and dismissed. Everyone worries but excessive worry will lead to exhaustion. …