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Podcast on what to do with negative thoughts

Life Habits podcast

Negative thoughts can limit you immensely in life. If you allow your negative thinking to overwhelm you, you will not live your best life. When negative thoughts rule, individuals tend to avoid the things/experiences that they fear. Someone who has helped others for many years to overcome their negative thinking and live a happier life is Karel Vredenburg. I met …

Life Habits podcast

Mental health and how to cope with life

If you want advice on mental health and how to cope with life – listen to my podcast with the amazing Karel Vredenberg who podcasts regularly on his podcast channel: Life Habits   Mandy X

Life Habits

            Life Habits I have recently been a guest on another podcast series with my friend and colleague – Karel Vredenburg. Life Habits podcasts are available free on itunes and offer fantastic advice on how to stay sane in a crazy world.   Here is the link:   The latest podcast #94 was …