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How to Eat Kosher and Stay in Shape

kosher food

Eating kosher is not just about complying with traditional Jewish dietary laws, but research is now recognizing the full health benefits of this meal plan. The Jewish book of sacred texts or Torah has outlined the kosher nutritional pattern, which is essentially a strict framework of rules. These rules pertain to how food should be sourced, processed, cooked, and served …

online exercise

The best online exercise classes to keep fit

I’ve put on weight in the last few months. It doesn’t help working from home and being only steps from my kitchen. I also tend to eat when I am bored or feeling stressed. I decided this week that I need to look into online exercise classes to help me get fit and boost my mood. I also need to …

improve your health

5 Great Ways to Improve Your Health This Fall

Even if you didn’t manage to achieve a “bikini body” for the summertime, autumn is an excellent time of the year to improve your health. Perhaps you want to boost your immunity in order to fight off germs when cold and influenza season arrives. Maybe you want to look your best for holiday gatherings with your family, or it’s possible …

exercise for stress

Exercise is excellent for your mental health

Here is a fantastic video from Lucy Wyndham-Read on reducing tummy fat. She does many more videos and they are easy to follow and can fit in around your existing schedule… This is a great resource and I wanted to share..   Mandy X

exercise at work

Office-based exercise could reduce heart disease risk by 15%

Employers could help staff reduce their risk of heart disease by 15 percent if they introduced specialised exercise bikes to the workplace, according to new research. The University of Stirling-led study found that staff who cycle for just 18 minutes per week could realise health benefits – which also include improved fitness and reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. As …

stay fit in winter

Stay Fit During The Winter

It’s easy to be fit in the summer. The food is light and you are more active. You go swimming, do various outdoor activities, etc. But, when the cold winter days come … How To Stay Fit During Cold Winter Days? It is easy to be fit in the summer. The food is lighter, most of the time it is …

ageing mental health

5 Ways To Look After Mental Health As You Age

  Looking after your mental health as you age is incredibly important, yet often this is neglected which can lead to a wide array of mental health issues, including depression. One of the reasons that people sometimes neglect their mental health is the fact that they do not know how to look after themselves properly or they lead such a …


How Running Your Own Business Is Good for Your Mental Health 

People often see running a business and dealing with the everyday tasks that go along with owning one as stressful. Sure, there are a lot of stressful moments to deal with when you are a business owner. Even something as positive as a spike in customer orders can turn into a stressful nightmare when you are not prepared for the …