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5 Career Options For The Altruistically-Inclined

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They say that if you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work or like a job. And that is so true. There are so many of us who have an altruistic personality, a passion to help and serve others, putting even strangers’ needs before our own. And that is a very noble characteristic to have. So imagine if …


Five Traits of Likeable People

Are you likeable? Being likeable isn’t required in order to achieve the position or job of your dreams, but it helps. When other people are on your side providing you with encouragement, helpful tips, and even free resources, it can greatly increase the chances of success in your chosen field and in life. Many times, it is not what you …


10 characteristics that make you unforgettable

There are some people who are unforgettable. They exude charisma and people want to be around them. They have this aura that attracts others to them like moths to a flame. What is it that gives them this intriguing energy? It’s all about how you make others feel in your presence.   Being open-minded When others feel they can open …

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Become a Good Person in Trying Circumstances

Maintaining a good relationship is core to keeping the bond amongst yourselves if you are living in isolation with your loved ones. Whether you live in a large home with an arched front door and a pool or live in a small apartment on the tenth floor, it may be challenging to keep interacting with your family or friends each day and …


Counsellors are human too

It’s one of my pet peeves when someone says, “You shouldn’t have any problems, you’re a counsellor”. Or, if I make a mistake, I am sometimes told, “Well you should know better because you’re a counsellor”. If only life was that simple. If it was, we could all study and gain a Psychology Degree and the world would be absolutely …


How to be popular

There are certain things you can do to be more popular – find out more here


Are you a kind person?

I like to think that we all want to be kind to others. Even the harshest of people still have a glimmer of kindness underneath their hard exterior. Sometimes it needs coaxing out because they have had to be hard to survive. Life is tough at times and we tend to find ways to protect ourselves from cruelty and punishment …

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5 Qualities of a Great Life Coach

A great life coach has the power to help people see through the inner situation, understand every perspective and formulate a solution to address the situation. Becoming a life coach requires you to have the important qualities that allow you to become successful. If you want to be a great life coach then you should first consider if you have …


The Kindness app

I came across this app today and thought it was a great idea – full of ideas on how to be kind to others and to yourself… Excellent  Mandy X   Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash


Transparency and openness breaks down barriers

We all like to protect ourselves from the judgements of others and we all have our own insecurities that we keep hidden from others. Closing down and being secretive though reinforces isolation and self doubt. It’s the confident ones who feel happy in themselves that are free to be themselves – open and honest. I have found that the more …