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Feeling Beautiful At Any Size

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There is no key definition to what beauty is, as much as some parts of society and some people might make it seem so. We …

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Three reasons why you don’t accept yourself

I’m frequently concerned about how many clients I see who are not happy with themselves. The bottom line is that we have to live with …

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Why Every Man Should Embrace the Baldness

Baldness is a popular style choice for both men and women. Despite this, Men that are balding or experiencing hair loss often try to hide …

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Why you’re actually pretty cool

I wonder if you have ever thought about how you’re actually pretty cool. Not many people think of themselves in these terms. Here’s some food …

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Taking Care Of You And Feeling Better About Yourself

At the beginning of the year there can be a lot of cosu around feeling good about yourself, and because of this, we can then …

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Be your number one fan

Be your number one fan If you don’t like and love yourself, you’ll find that others like you less too. It’s an energy thing – …

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Like yourself now

  Like yourself now Why don’t you like yourself now? We can all improve something about ourselves but actively disliking yourself or feeling you aren’t …


Choose you

  Choose you Let’s get this straight – when you ‘choose you’ you are not being selfish. In fact, you are doing the most natural …

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How to improve self esteem

  Quick Tips to Help Improve Self-Esteem 1) Speak positively to yourself Don’t be critical of yourself. Be kind to yourself and talk to yourself …

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There is nothing to prove

There is nothing to prove Have you ever come across someone who isn’t particularly beautiful or handsome, or someone who is overweight, yet they seem …