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Loveless Marriage

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Compatibility Questionnaire Download: Discover how well suited you are… [purchase_link id=”36550″ style=”button” color=”” text=”[purchase_link id=”36550″ text=”Buy now” style=”button” color=”orange”] Loveless Marriage What do you do when you realise that you are in a loveless marriage? The affection has disappeared, the sex is gone and you live together as virtual strangers in the same home. Sadly, this is a common state …

loveless marriage

Why some people stay in loveless marriages

A “loveless marriage” may sound like a harsh term, but it’s a sad fact that many marriages do dramatically decline in this way. Some marriages become acrimonious, with years of built-up resentments taking their toll, and science has shown that this kind of relationship can have a detrimental impact on health. Other marriages, though, can experience a more muted transformation …