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“Talking to wildlife helped get me through Chemo!”

conversations at the pond

Henry’s new book, Conversations at the Pond (Talk to the wildlife, it works wonders for your mental wellbeing) is due for release on 23rd September from mental health publisher Cherish Editions (part of Trigger Publishing). A set of 20 short stories illustrated beautifully by Cheyenne Hardwick, this is the book for children to buy their parents and grandparents to put a …

suppressed emotion

Can suppressed anger increase likelihood of cancer?

Intense, persistent, and suppressed anger may have a connection to cancer Can suppressed anger increase likelihood of cancer? we;;, with sayings such as ‘she’ll be right’ and ‘no worries’ part of our daily vernacular, it seems that our society rates positivity highly. But if you’re having a tough time, stifling negative emotions doesn’t make them go away and could actually …