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16 Million Reasons Why Health Tech is a Win for Mental Health

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The UK government has pledged an ambitious programme of revolutionising mental health over the next three years, seeing all mental health service providers becoming digitised and fully integrated with other health and care services by 2024. The scale of a mental health epidemic is real — with the UK’s population of 67 million, one in four people will experience a …

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Top 10 mental health apps endorsed by mental health expert

Whilst no app has yet been invented that can replace human face-to-face interactions such as counselling with a mental health expert, there are a number of excellent apps that offer great support and guidance to enhance your wellbeing. I have personally looked at many mental health apps and have found these ten mental health apps to be the best out …

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Can mental health apps replace traditional counselling?

I believe that mental health apps will play an important role in the future of mental health care by providing innovative solutions for the self-management of mental health disorders. Mental health apps have the potential to reach people who would otherwise not receive help by removing the barriers to treatment.I doubt though that they will ever replace the dynamic interaction that …