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How to identify a narcissist quickly

identify a narcissist

Before I continue with ways to identify a narcissist quickly, I want to explain that there are always exceptions to the rule. Life is made …

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Signs that you are an emotional punching bag

No one likes to think of themselves as an emotional punching bag. Sadly, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, there …

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Dysfunctional Upbringings Wreck Society

There are so many crazy people out there and I’ve worked with a fair share of them. Murderers, paedophiles, rapists and Schizo’s…I’ve seen them all. …

things we know little about
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Ten things we know very little about

  Things we know very little about The difference between a smartass and a scientist is a smartass thinks he knows everything, while a scientist …

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Why are narcissists so entitled?

The narcissist suffered a mental split when they were young. No matter what occurred (abuse, neglect, abandonment), the child faced a period of hatred. Hatred …

narcissism or autism
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The difference between Narcissism and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

It’s a question that I am often asked, “Is my partner a narcissist or does he/she have autism?” There are some similarities between the two, …

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Do you know a covert narcissist?

A covert narcissist is just as damaging as an overt narcissist but they are clever at disguising their disorder. Instead of overt behaviour, they will …

narcissism or autism

Advice for dealing with a narcissist

Check how they treat their parents, especially their mother. If they treat their mother as a nuisance, it’s not a good sign. If they care …

dieting and dating
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Similarities between dieting and dating

Dieting and dating There are many similarities between dieting and dating although it may not seem obvious at first. Let me explain … Some foods …

life with a narcissist
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Life with a narcissist

The term¬†Narcissist is commonly used these days and it seems like everyone can be called one at this point. We all have narcissistic tendencies but …