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Don’t feed the trolls

online trolls

I recently received online abuse for an article that I wrote. This blog post was meant to open the discussion about mental health and about how the way our brains are wired influences our behaviour. Mental health issues should be normalised and by talking about these disorders, the hope is that people will further understand how mental health affects everyday …

metoo movement

What Anti-Harassment Laws and Work Policies Should We Be Advocating For?

“We can’t regulate your feelings.” It’s a common refrain among free speech advocates and politicians when discussing harassment. But what they don’t understand is that harassment isn’t an issue of ‘feelings’: it’s about safety and equality.   Harassment refers to unwanted behavior that the receiving person finds offensive. In a position where the person is experiencing harassing behavior at work …

online trolling

How to deal with online trolling

Many people don’t know how to deal with online trolling. It’s a negative behaviour that is growing and many victims suffer this emotional abuse incessantly. Over time online trolling can lead to severe depression and anxiety, and sadly, in some cases it leads to suicide. Why does online trolling exist? There are many theories as to why online trolling exists. …