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The naked trees stand tall, silhouetted against a pale pink January sky. I watch a few stray clouds move slowly across the sky. Unhurried, so graceful. It’s quite beautiful. Watching all this with wonder, the mind quietens, the chatter dies down, and there is a feeling of peace. This feeling of peace or happiness that we often seek in the …

beluga whale

Love nature love animals

This is so lovely to watch 🙂 xx   Photo by Saanvi Vavilala on Unsplash

emotional wellbeing

Mental health maintenance kit

Life is so challenging and day to day challenges can leave us feeling drained and exhausted. I have created a mental health maintenance kit to help maintain emotional wellbeing. It’s a quick and easy way to keep yourself balanced and can assist in coping with stress and anxiety. This mental health maintenance kit has been created after doing research on …


Stepping Out: The Definition of Exposure Therapy and What It Treats

The helpless feeling you get in the face of fear is no joke. If you or someone you know is dealing with anxiety or fears, it can feel limiting. The many types of therapy available can make it hard to know what will help. Exposure therapy is one way someone dealing with fear can learn to overcome and even eliminate it. …

switch off

How to mentally switch off

I’ve often wished I had an “off switch” especially at times when my mind contains too many thoughts. Thoughts that I can’t seem to dismiss easily that lure me into the downward spiral of despair. Taunting me to investigate further into my fears and insecurities about life and my future…here are my suggestions on how to mentally switch off. Find …


FitMind meditation training app

“A wandering mind is an unhappy mind” I came across this app in my quest to find better ways to be mindful and slow my busy mind down. This app created by Liam McClintock is excellent. He talks about how the mind is entirely responsible for everything that we experience on a moment by moment basis. “Two people might have …


Relieving stress through mindfulness and massage

We live in a world where there are constant demands placed upon us. Now, more than ever,mindfulness and massage should be incorporated regularly into our routines. It is up to us to have healthy boundaries in place that prevent us from becoming burnt out. When we fail to provide ourselves with adequate self care, we run the risk of increasing …


The ultimate meditation guide

 The Ultimate Meditation Guide from Culinary Teas


How to Promote peace and contentment

  How to promote peace and contentment Be realistically positive Sure, life has horrible bits, very horrible bits in fact, but you CAN learn the skill of looking for solutions rather than pessimistically going over the same things in your mind. When we churn the same information over in our minds without looking for possible solutions, we end up downtrodden …

10 Ways to feel free

    10 Ways to feel free 1. Stop caring about what others think You automatically place yourself in virtual shackles when you worry about what others think of you. Ask yourself why it is so important to you? Often it is because we want to be liked but if you have to be someone other than who you really …