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Five Ways to Help a Friend Through a Difficult Time

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When your friend has a lot on their plate, there are always ways through which you can support them. We can all experience hard times as we go through life, but it is important not to neglect a family member or a friend during these sad moments. Whether they are dealing with a breakup, loss of a loved one, or …


You Still Need to Socialise: The Neurological Impact of Isolation

Social isolation has long been associated with adverse neurological effects. In this brave new world, we’ve found creative ways to adapt to increased remote working and reduced social interaction. Video call meetings and Zoom family quizzes have helped to meet our need for connection. There is no doubt about it, staying cooped up within four walls, with limited face-to-face contact, …

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How To Not Only Survive, But Thrive When Managing A Health Condition

Many people assume that managing a health condition, a disease, or a disability means that life is over, that the joy of potential is gone, and that we’re on a downward spiral after diagnosis. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and is in fact so untrue that it could be considered mildly offensive, if only it wasn’t an impression …