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Five Ways to Help a Friend Through a Difficult Time

support friends

When your friend has a lot on their plate, there are always ways through which you can support them. We can all experience hard times as we go through life, but it is important not to neglect a family member or a friend during these sad moments. Whether they are dealing with a breakup, loss of a loved one, or …

terrified of getting ill

I’m terrified of getting ill

Health anxiety has increased since Covid-19 emerged. Find out ways to effectively reduce your health anxiety if you are terrified of getting ill

Let go of seeking approval

Seeking approval makes you a slave to others. If you do things with external validation in mind, your essence is diluted. Let me explain… If you set out to do something purely because YOU want it, that endeavour is the essence of you. Ideally, your goals are in line with your values (such as adventure, freedom, caring for others, being …