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Are rebound relationships good for you?

rebound relationships

Contrary to popular belief, rebound relationships can be good for you. They can provide a useful distraction from your heartbreak. They have to be appraoched …

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Give Depression the Bird

Help break the stigma surrounding depression by taking this anonymous survey: CLICK HERE For results of the survey: CLICK HERE Give Depression the Bird Let’s …

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Common reasons for unhappiness

Evolutionary Psychologists say that our default mode is to be on the lookout for danger. As cave men running around many years ago, we had …

thyroidism and depression
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Is your depression caused by your thyroid?

“It’s me,” you thought as you drag your unmotivated self out of your bed. “Why can’t I just buck up and do things,” you wondered …

emotional overload
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Tips to manage emotional overload

Times of emotional overload aren’t pleasant. We can feel completely out of control and find it difficult not to act without thinking. When we are …

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Why Suppressing Emotion is bad for you

There are many reasons why we suppress emotions. It is a coping strategy that many people use to avoid pain and unpleasant feelings in life. …

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5 Tips On Managing Stress & Anxiety

Are you beleaguered by your busy everyday routine making you feel weary, sulky and depressed? Stressors can take a toll on your emotional wellbeing, seriously affecting …

happiness myth
emotional wellbeing

The three happiness myths

There are three common myths about happiness. The first one is that happiness is the natural state for people to be in. If you give …

Cognitive behavioural therapy emotional wellbeing mental health

Real versus hypothetical worry

Anxiety comes from worrying about things and focusing on what could go wrong. There is a big difference however between the types of worry that …

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Why am I depressed?

When we feel down and ask ourselves, “Why am I depressed?”, there unfortunately isn’t always a clear answer. Depression is different to sadness. When we …