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 THESE summer-scented room sprays remind us most of holidays!

room scent

 With scents like salt air, coconut, sand and suncream, these summer scented room sprays will bring back holiday memories – you can get your hands on them for free!   With foreign holidays unconfirmed, research reveals the scents that most remind us of holidays! GoodMove creates three room sprays that smell like the top scents of holidays and these sprays …

Scentered aromatherapy balm

Aromatherapy for positive mental wellbeing

I have recently tried an amazing new product (I have not been paid for this endorsement) and wanted to share this clever little find. A company called Scentered produce these wonderful scents that are easy to use and easy to transport. They come in a balm and can be applied to your pulse points. Inhaling the wonderful aromas does amazing …