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Traits of a narcissist


The word “narcissist” is overused these days. Narcissism isn’t just selfishness. There are many more sides to this way of thinking and behaving. If you’re unsure, below are common traits of a narcissist: They live by the statement, “What’s in it for me?” Narcissists are only nice to you if they think you can be of use to them. They …

focus externally

Focus externally for a better world

Focus externally for the sake of your own mental health and for the benefit of the planet

Loving a narcissist

  Loving a narcissist is a major challenge. Relationships require expert navigation to succeed and loving a narcissist requires strong will and self-awareness to survive. Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder where a person has an inflated sense of their own importance as well as a strong need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) believe that they’re …

narcissistic techniques

Hoovering techniques narcissists use

Narcissists have many strategies to assist them in controlling others. Some of these techniques are more subtle than others but they all leave the victims feeling unsettled with a vague feeling that something isn’t right. Hoovering is one technique narcissists use to manipulate and control. Narcissists will play psychological games, they will shower you with love and affection and lull …

Therapy for narcissism

  Photo by Victori∀ Therapy for narcissism Narcissism is one of the more difficult disorders to treat (Young et al, 2003).People with narcissism find it difficult to give and receive genuine love. They were often emotionally deprived in childhood and as a result have learned to overcompensate for this by developing a conceited, self serving personality. They often appear entitled …


How to handle a narcissist

  How to handle a narcissist Narcissist’s are chronically insecure people. Their biggest fear is that they will be exposed and be seen as not good enough by others around them. As a consequence of this, they often choose partners whom they perceive to be above them or superior to them in some way. They often see their partners as …