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Who Am I?

mental health

  Who Am I? The Path to Self Discovery It’s startling to see how many of us actually know very little about ourselves. Many people often ask themselves “Who am I?”. A common example is anticipating an upcoming event. It may be something you have always wanted to try and something that you are sure you will enjoy. Yet, once …

free mind

15 Questions to help free your mind

  15 Questions to help free your mind Do you want to know more about yourself? Try answering these questions to help you reveal what’s lying in your unconscious, suppressed and ignored. There are no right or wrong answers, answer them without giving them to much thought. Answer the question before reading further – use a piece of paper if …



Surrender who you think you are to become who you are meant to be I came across this text below whilst reading up on the boy, Ram known as the “Buddha Boy”. A very interesting take on being true to ourselves and being centered. “Surrender not in the sense about invalidating who you are, rather just the opposite. We are talking …