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Impacts of the COVID 19 Pandemic on Children


The pandemic has affected everyone and disrupted many economic and social activities worldwide. It is hard to deny that children are not less affected. While some people suffered the illnesses, others mourned the loss of loved ones. Adjusting your life to accommodate the changes coming with the pandemic is not a walk in the park. The government of every country …


How to cope with loneliness

    How to cope with loneliness Loneliness is a growing problem. It’s ironic when you think about the fact that there are so many people on this planet. How is it possible to feel lonely when there are so many of us? Loneliness doesn’t care whether you are old, young, rich poor, single or married. It reaches all of …

mental health quarantine

Mental health under quarantine

Source:   Photo by Imani Clovis on Unsplash

corona virus mental health

Corona virus and mental health

It feels as if we are all starring in our very own runaway virus movie…streets are deserted, people are panic buying and police are escorting people away that dare to go out in public. It all seems quite surreal. It looks as if we are in for a bumpy ride with an indefinite uncertain time period ahead. There is a …

social anxiety

How to manage social anxiety

Anyone who suffers with social anxiety (SA) will recognise some or all of these unpleasant symptoms; being highly anxious ahead of a social engagement, a racing heart, sweaty hands, nausea and an upset tummy, not to mention confused thinking. SA is NOT feeling a light flutter of adrenaline when you meet someone for the first time or speak in public. It …


Are you avoiding life?

  Are you avoiding life? Avoiding life takes many forms. It can take the form of procrastination, withdrawal, isolation or just plain old avoidance. Avoidant coping occurs when we build up a story now heads about how awful something will be. We then choose to believe these thoughts that may not even have any real bearing on reality. There are …

Hibernating from the world

  Hibernating from the world I can ‘hibernate’ along with the best of them. Hibernating from the world is safe. When you don’t feel at your best or feel that life is a little overwhelming, finding a quiet place away from others can be comforting. A place to gather your thoughts and get strong again before facing others. Hibernating keeps …