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Twelve Words successful people never say

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We set ourselves up for failure or success in our minds before we even begin.What we tell ourselves can become a self fulfilling prophecy. More …

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What Is a Dormant Company: Know Everything About It   

A dormant company has been registered with Companies House but does not now carry on any business or generate any revenue. A Limited Company, a …

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Female students suffering the most – with anxiety peaking at 14-15 years old 1 December 2021: The inaugural global student survey by leading global maths …

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Self-Growth – 8 Tips to Enhance Personal Development

In today’s highly competitive environment, individuals need to learn and grow continuously. They must have clear personal goals and a plan to achieve those goals. …

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12 characteristics of self motivated people

    12 characteristics of self motivated people What gets a person up in the morning, raring to go and eager to get stuck in …

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The mindset needed to be successful

The alternative – learning to be present and accepting thoughts – allows us to see negative experiences as normal, whilst being able to refocus our …

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4 Basic Principles of Effective Psychotherapy

A psychotherapist can help us overcome personal difficulties or mental health burdens. If you are new to psychotherapy, you may have lots of questions. How …

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Mind Control Tricks of successful people

  Mind control tricks of successful people One Sunday afternoon a crowd of people went to watch an Oakland Raiders game. During the second quarter, …

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WalkSafe App

WalkSafe app reveals areas where people feel most unsafe in Surrey and as a result the app has seen a huge rise in downloads recently! …

inspiration life self improvement

4 Tips to Furnishing Your Apartment

When furnishing your new apartment, you’re given a blank slate. The odds are that the property management company has painted the walls white. When entering …